Have you learned some data concepts and maybe practiced them with clean data, but aren't sure how to set up a project with real data?
Are you looking for online courses that are more practical than theoretical, and show you how to work through the problems that arise in a real project?
Would you like your courses to be more focused than the typical bootcamp?
Make the leap from concepts to practice

Use real world data

  • Our datasets will be interesting, relevant and real. That means they won't always be tidy, but we'll clean them up like a professional would.

Learn what you need

  • Instead of overwhelming you, we focus on the task at hand. We work through the concepts and techniques needed for each step as you would on a real project.

Apply what you learn

  • To cement and retain what you have learned, you need to apply it immediately. Our focused approach means that learning and practice go hand-in-hand.

Go at your own pace

  • Although you can code along with the instructor, our guided, stepwise approach gives you the opportunity to think through each task independently and have a go yourself first.
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