LEARN data science skills
and techniques

With Datarismus courses, beginner and intermediate data scientists can learn and practice skills and techniques with hands-on project work using real world data.

There are many excellent ‘bootcamp’ style courses available that aim to teach you everything you might ever need to know about a given tool. That’s great if you’re ready to dive into a job or a project where you will be applying the course content straight away.

However, skills are like muscles: if you don’t use them, you lose them. If and when you need to use a particular concept or technique some time later, you may find yourself having to relearn that material.

Find out about examples of tools and case studies that can result from the application of data science skills and techniques

There is also lots of project-based code out there that people have posted. Unfortunately, such code rarely comes accompanied by an explanation of key concepts or opportunities for someone inexperienced to ease themselves in. Consequently, it is effectively out of the reach of the novice or beginner.

Datarismus courses aim to help newcomers and those with some experience to bridge the gap between concepts and practice. Courses are designed:

  • around a core project that is relevant, interesting and uses real data;
  • to be accessible to complete beginners, while helping those with some prior knowledge or experience to practice their skills and stretch themselves if they choose;
  • to focus on the concepts and techniques that are needed for that project so that they can be applied straight away;
  • to allow you to progress at your own pace, with exercises broken down into steps so you can have a go yourself, code along with the instructor, or both;
  • with a “capstone” project that is related to the core project and you can tackle yourself, then review with the instructor;
  • with suggestions for further projects you could explore on your own to further develop and consolidate your new-found skills, and demonstrate them to potential employers.
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